How can one be a speaker at TEDxIslamabad?

Feel free to fill out this nomination form.

Our team scouts themselves for speakers but we are open to getting nominations from the general public if we like their idea. However, due to large volume of applications we do not guarantee that you will receive a response from our team and only shortlisted speakers will be contacted.

What's the selection criteria to attend TEDxIslamabad?

As per policy we do not reveal the exact selection critera but our selection criteria is very much in accordance to the rules of TED.

Our team carefully reads every application based on a very strict criteria and only attendees which fit that criteria are offered an invitation. These factors include (but are not limited to) the quality of submission, diversity and inclusion, geographics etc.

We don’t allow anyone to question the selection criteria under any circumstances.

How can I be a part of TEDxIslamabad?

TEDxIslamabad is an invite-only experience which basically means that we open up application form before every event and applicants fill out a form. Only those who are selected are given an invitation to attend TEDxIslamabad.

I want to work as a volunteer for the organising team?

Sorry but we already have a very active team and therefore we are not looking to add any new members or volunteers to the organising team.

When is the upcoming TEDxIslamabad event?

The best way to stay in touch with us and know about our upcoming events is through our Facebook page. All information regarding our upcoming events will be posted there!

Where can I view all videos from TEDxIslamabad?

All of our videos are available on YouTube.

What is the location of the upcoming event?

Due to security concerns, the location of every TEDxIslamabad event is revealed to the invited guests only.

I want to organise a TEDx event in my university or city?

That’s great. We encourage you to apply for a free license at ted.com/tedx

Is TEDxIslamabad affiliated to other TEDx events in Pakistan?

No! we operate independently under license from TED and therefore we do not have any kind of affiliation with any other TEDx event in Pakistan.

How can I get a pass or ticket for TEDxIslamabad?

TEDxIslamabad is invitation-only and therefore you can’t purchase a ticket or get a free pass for this event.

My organization would like to sponsor the next TEDxIslamabad?

That’s brilliant. Please send us a message on Facebook.